Every organisation needs PC help from time to time. Sometimes to avert a disaster, after accidentally deleting all your important files. At other times for a guiding hand, when installing software or a printer.

With Oaka Tree, as long as you have an internet connection you have the added convenience of being able to get help within minutes.

From only £30 for any of the items listed below (£10 will be refunded back to you if the total duration of support to you is less than 15 minutes)

Service Level

  • Network shared printer installation.
  • Database and photo Backup for all your computers – Don’t wait until it’s too late!! (can also be automated)
  • Folder sharing – Share files between two or more computers.
  • Restrict access to the internet to a fixed time period
  • Software installation.
  • Internet email setup on Outlook and mobile devices.
  • Anti-Virus software solutions.
  • Secure wireless broadband set up for the office and mobile workforce.

Tel: 05603 330 417

Skype ID: oakauk

Mob: 07841 834 632